Artist-In-Residence Week VII

In June and July 2014, I will be spending two months as a writer-in-residence at Teatru Salesjan in Malta, creating new work and holding workshop sessions under the name ‘Beyond Borders’. This project is supported by the Malta Arts Fund. Part of the process will be writing down my experiences weekly.

As the last two weeks were all about thought and reflection I decided – after a harsh Thursday of frustrated writing – that it was probably time for an increase in social contact and fun. The first part of the week was filled with writing in the theatre, giving workshops and a serene visit to Marsaxlokk. The bluest water, a crab on adventure, colorful boats and a monologue for the fat lady. But tired of the world I had created,
all I wanted was some fresh air, some ‘real’ people.
So friday I met up with a Dutch friend – whom I met during my time in Nepal – for a swim. Followed by a nice evening with Kit and Leanne, talking about writing, projects and Malta. Saturday I treated myself to a – hot but worth it – visit to Addolorata Cemetery and listened to the silence in Valletta’s gardens, followed by writing & dining at Kantina. When I came home, the hammock on the roof terrace and a glass of wine were all I needed to continue writing.

That Saturday evening was when I killed two of my characters while a baby was born. I used my characters to talk about some of the horrible incidents that have happened this week around the world. As I needed to. And I tried my best to let them comfort each other – me included.

Yesterday was a day filled with loads of swimming, sunshine, an octopus and a visit to the Malta Arts Festival with Marcelle. We went to see ‘Fecha de Caducidad’, a contemporary circus performance, in the new open air theatre in Valletta. It was a nice ending to a good weekend!

And now back to work. It’s always the moment you’re finally feeling at home in a new place, that you realize the end of your stay is near. One more week of writing. I’m in the theatre now and tonight is the last workshop session. Last Wednesday I sent them home with the task of writing the full first draft. So loads to read and discuss this evening.
But first I’m fitting all the pieces together of the puzzle that is my play. I’m nearly there. And finishing a play for me always feels like you have just run a marathon and somebody tells you that there’s no other option than to run back to the start because that’s where your car is parked. But I’ll make it, for sure.


My writing spot in Marsaxlokk last Tuesday:
Foto op 15-07-14 om 17.50 #2


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